LXB Pride: You are not alone!

LXB Pride: You are not alone!

Luxembourg Pride 2020

Dear friends,

First of all, we all want to thank you for the wonderful last year! The twentieth birthday of the Luxembourg Pride could not be celebrated better! We shared so many happy moments with you and were thrilled about the positive responses. All those having attended remember: more people than ever before having taken part in the Equality March, in a way to create a backlog at the end of the Rue de l’Alzette. And, happy people filled the town hall square on Saturday to bursting.

This year, we had actually planned to align seamlessly on the success of 2019. We had engaged talks with the responsibles of the city of Esch to enlarge the route of the Equality Marches, and a second place with an additional second stage and events were planned. The sudden appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic put a damper on our plans. 

From one day to the next, all of our everyday lives have been turned upside down. Very soon it appeared, that our environment was going to be limited to our own four walls. The consequence for some among the community did turn into isolation or imprisonment with queerphobic family members. This hit the LGBTIQ+ community hard. But even initiatives such as After Works via video call, live streams with queer DJ*anes, plays or drag shows won’t help in overcoming that feeling of loneliness, and the many difficulties going with it. 

Therefore, and especially this year more than eve, we would like to remember one of the Luxembourg Pride Week’s primary intention by setting it under the motto “You are not alone!”. In these times, the LGBTIQ+ community has all the more reason to be there for each other. This theme is also accompanied by the discharge of the social problem of discrimination against people of colour, which culminated in the recent Black Lives Matter movement. This phenomenon reminds us once again of our own history, after all, it was a black trans woman who sparked the Stonewall uprising in New York’s Christopher Street in 1969. With the recollection of this event, which founded 51 years of international Pride movement, comes our responsibility to be solidary, inclusive and above all respectful with all our fellows. In this difficult context we, the LGBTIQ+ community join, firmly support and send out the cry for justice of the POC: you are not alone!

This year everything is different! After the ban on all events, we had decided not to throw our planning completely overboard. Nevertheless, it is important for us that the Pride Week takes place, especially since the message of acceptance and inclusion is still easy to ignore in times of a lock down. In some countries, above all Hungary and Poland, you can see how this sanitary crisis has been deliberately exploited to reverse hard-won rights or to stir up new hatred.

The result is therefore a Pride Week with a lot of events that will take place over the Internet. The planning of these events presented us with great challenges. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners, first and foremost AXA and ING, of course the city of Esch, and all who have actively supported us in our projects. We hope you enjoy this year’s program, and we gladly invite you to watch our entire program and continue to support the local and the international community!

Keep on track and follow our Luxembourg Pride-Page on Facebook, not to miss any news. There will be some more and spontaneous events, which, inherently, will not make it into this edition of our pride guide, already waiting in the starting blocks!

Thank you very much for your support!

You are not alone!

See also our statement against racism!
Written by GAYMAT

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