Street Fest 2018

Street Fest 2018

Gaymat 2018


After a week with different events such as our commemorative ceremony for victims of homophobia and transphobia, the Queer film nights, a political speech and the exposition in the Theater of Esch, the second Saturday in July traditionally marks the GAYMAT day, the highlight and also the final of the Luxembourg Pride Week.

The celebration will start at noon on the Town Hall Square in Esch, with music, entertainment, political contributions and various artistic activities. At 2 pm, starting from the ‘Place de la Résistance’ (Place du Brill), our Equality March will weave through the rue de l’Alzette to the Place de l’Hôtel de Ville, where all the participants and the public will be greeted by the guests of honour on the stage (do you want to show solidarity and walk in the parade?).

Unfortunately, there are still many laws in Europe and in many countries around the world that repress or limit queer people in their daily lives or threaten their lives. Homosexuality is still punishable by death in 8 countries with which we work in part with the EU. In the EU, however, there is a backlash. Even in the most advanced Member States, violent attacks against queer people have become more frequent in recent months. We must fight this and we invite all of society in the sense and tradition of Pride to celebrate the wonderful diversity of living together, exchanging ideas, discovering common grounds and overcoming prejudices.

A detailed program of events with the times of appearances of the groups and artists will be announced in the coming weeks.

Written by GAYMAT

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