Drag Bingo

Drag Bingo

Luxembourg Pride 2020
46! … 10! … 69! … Sounds like my ex’s phone number …
If you like Drag and balls, you’re in the right place. The rules are simple, listen closely as our Queen turns the cage and fetches the balls. Cross each number on your card and be the first to have either a line, an L-shape or a full card. All that’s left for you to do is to scream BINGO! If you do and your card is valid, you can be assured you’ll have a happy ending. There are a lot of prices to be won. Bingo cards can be pre-purchased in our webshop for €6,00 per 3 pieces (for 1 round) or you can buy 2 sets (2 rounds) of 3 cards for €10,00 . And even if you forgot to buy any, don’t feel sad. You can still purchase bingo cards even if the game has started! Just tune in on time for the live broadcast and let the games begin!    
And if this was to complicated, don’t be discouraged, our Queen will explain ALL the rules in an easy way, so that EVERYBODY can understand it.

July 12th 2020, 19.00
Where: https://www.facebook.com/events/269361354173109/

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Written by GAYMAT

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