Black Lives Matter!

Black Lives Matter!

Luxembourg Pride 2019

Yes, we LGBTIQ+ people are a minority.
We are still being discriminated against – here in Luxembourg, and beyond. Pride is still a protest and our work is not done! But being a minority and being discriminated against does not prevent or absolve us from discriminating against others. Queer spaces and events are supposed to be a safe space for all members of the LGBTIQ+ community, but sadly this is not the case.

Racism in the LGBTIQ+ community is widespread and we realise that many QPOC people are excluded from the mainstream LGBTIQ+ community. Everyday racism in the LGBTIQ+ community is alive and well. This ranges from prejudices represented as “just preferences”, fetishisation or desexualisation of Black and Brown bodies, biased assumptions, unequal distribution of advocacy/support, all the way to openly right-wing, fascist gay organisations.

LGBTIQ+ spaces make many of us feel safe and included, but they are also very exclusionary spaces. Often QPOC people find themselves confronted with the same everyday racism that QPOC also encounter outside of Queer spaces.

QPOC are confronted with an awful choice between either speaking up, and potentially risking alienating those around them, or staying quiet and accepting that this maltreatment is somehow “just normal”.

Just because we don’t hold any explicitly racist views, doesn’t mean we don’t contribute to the problem.
Just because we think we don’t act racist, doesn’t mean our actions are not hurting our QPOC peers and friends.

Racism is structural. Racism is global. Luxembourg is complicit. The white LGBTIQ+ community is complicit. We acknowledge that we can do better, that we should already have done better, been better. We must face up to the fact that we too are guilty of dedicating most of our focus on those already safe and centred in the LGBTIQ+ community, but not those that may need/want our alliance the most. This is a severe shortcoming on our part. We must do better. We will do better. We will hold ourselves accountable.

After this pride event we will enter a period of reflection and take an honest look at ourselves and evaluate where and how we can improve (not if we can improve!). Sustainable and meaningful change takes time, resources, people, money and the sharing of power and responsibility. To get this right, we want to give ourselves ONE YEAR to educate ourselves, re-evaluate our priorities, make visible and substantive changes to our organisation and events, and take explicit action to become a more inclusive and better home for QPOC people.

Your wake-up call was loud and clear.
We heard you.

Rosa Lëtzebuerg


Written by GAYMAT

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